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Projects Worked On

  • The United State Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA): USAGovernment Obamacare project, implementation of the patient security model and integration of the Electronic Health Record (E.H.R) application stack

  • iEHR/PLIS Solution Architecture: Ministry of Health, BC, CanadaThe Provincial Lab Information System (PLIS) and Interoperable Electronic Health Record (iEHR) projects deliver laboratory information to authorized caregivers and put in place the infrastructure (software, hardware and daily operations) necessary to provide seamless, secure and timely sharing of health information. These projects were initiated in late 2005 and represent key foundational projects in the Province’s eHealth Strategic Framework, published in 2005. Implementation of the eHealth system is aimed to enable faster diagnosis of patients, reduce lab test duplication, provide secure and consistent delivery of lab results to the ordering physicians and automate test ordering to ensure efficiency and accuracy.

  • EIDM Solution Architecture: Alberta Blue Cross, AB, Canada The implementation of the security and privacy model through EHR application integration.

  • Dubai Ports World, Canada Design and the implementation of the identity and access management solution for the newly developed supply chain application stack.

  • Vancity Credit Union, Canada Design and implementation of the enterprise based B2B and B2C solution.

  • Bell Canada Design and implementation of the enterprise based identity and access management solution.

  • Avaya, Canada Design and implementation of unified service based framework for vendors, customers, stake holders.

  • Oracle, USA Design and implementation of the enterprise based identity and access management solution.

  • Fusepoint Managed Services 

  • BioMark Solution Architecture: BioMark Diagnostics, BC, Canada Design and implement an enterprise wide end to end diagnostics framework for patient care, integration and privacy model for data exchange and analytics.

  • KKT Global Spine Centers Implementation of the Spine Treatment and analysis application framework to provide Spine related treatments to patients worldwide

  • Canada Design and implementation of application to provide a rich user experience.

  • BestBuy, Canada Design and implementation of the Software Information System (SIS) identity and access management based solution.

  • Deloitte, Canada Consulting services to design and implementation of the identity and access management solution.

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